Want to share the word about your podcast, so you can increase your downloads, your subscribers, and your paying members on platforms, such as Patreon or your own products on your website using free social networks?
Let me introduce you to the Podcast Marketing Formula: The Social Media Blueprint! The Blueprint is broken down into three separate actions!

1. The Runway

The runway is all about you getting ready to take flight – in other words, everything you do prior to the release of your podcast episode to ensure cold leads and current listeners are tuning in for the next episode. The runway work is all about bringing attention to your podcast, encouraging subscriptions and downloads.

2. The Launch

It’s the week of your episode launch and your podcast episode is ready for the world to hear. This section is all about what you post and where to post to bring attention to your episode to encourage more downloads.

3. The Flight

The episode is in the past and it’s time to focus on your long-term marketing strategy. This section is all about the flight to success. This is all about encouraging continuous downloads, driving attention to your paid platforms, and creating a space for you in search engines.

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